Reba’s Story

Vet Set was started by the Ellis family, whose neighbours are always coming to their door with rescued cats and dogs. The Ellises quickly discovered that veterinary supplies are expensive, especially when it came to treating their elderly golden retriever Lucky. But it wasn’t until they adopted Reba that they knew just how costly animal care could be.

Maureen, a nurse, fell in love with a rescued black Labrador/Collie cross named Reba. The dog had leg and pelvis damage — most likely from a car accident — and a lump above her hip. She also held her leg close to her body and wouldn’t put it down on the ground.

Maureen wanted to take Reba home straight away. However, the foster family wanted to take her in for surgery first, as many owners don’t want to pay for expensive veterinary procedures. First Reba was spayed, since the pelvis damage was so extensive that she wouldn’t be able to have puppies. The vet also recommended removing her hip joint, a procedure that isn’t always successful.

Luckily the surgery worked for Reba, and Maureen was able to bring her home. But Reba still held her leg close to her body; the vet said it was atrophied and might not ever recover. Still, even on three legs, Reba was the fastest dog in the park.

Maureen wasn’t ready to give up on her new best friend. It turned out that the nerves in Reba’s leg were still active, so they went to rehab and tried the water treadmill. They also went to a holistic vet for acupuncture and energy work. Four weeks later, Reba finally put her leg down. Even her tail, which had hung down before, was now wagging enough to dust the coffee table.

Most people wouldn’t have wanted Reba because of the costs associated with her care. But during Reba’s surgery, the Ellises went into the treatment room and realized that most of the vet’s equipment and supplies were the same products they sell to medical facilities. The only difference was the higher price tag. The family was already working in human health under the Classic Health brand, and they thought, “We can do better.”

The Ellises know firsthand how expensive it can be to care for an injured animal. That’s why Vet Set gives veterinarians product at a price that makes it easier to save the animal. That’s been our priority since day one, and it always will be.

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