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Reba's Story
Vet Set was started by the Ellis family, whose neighbours are always coming to their door with rescued cats and dogs. They quickly discovered that veterinary supplies are expensive, especially when it came to treating their elderly golden retriever Lucky. But it wasn’t until they adopted Reba that they knew just how costly animal care could be.

Reba’s Story

The Ellis family fell in love with Reba when first meeting her at her foster family. She was a 2 year old, rescued, black Labrador/Collie cross who had suffered leg and pelvic damage due to a car accident. Maureen, a nurse, knew that Reba would require surgeries and many months of rehabilitation but this did not deter the family from wanting to take her home immediately. Since the pelvic damage was extensive she was first of all spayed as puppies would be out of the question for her. The veterinarian also recommended removing her damaged hip joint.

Reba made a wonderful recovery from her surgeries despite atrophied leg muscles and she started to toe touch then finally put her foot down and use it for balance. Rehabilitation involved lots of love, use of a water treadmill, acupuncture and energy work thanks to many wonderful veterinarians and vet-technicians. Her tail had also been damaged but after a few weeks it started to wag vigorously and was soon dusting the coffee table. She could run the length of the dog park faster than other dogs her size, especially if there was a rabbit in sight.

During the process of Reba’s surgery and recovery Maureen noticed that most of the veterinarians’ equipment and supplies were the same products that were sold in their long established, family owned medical distribution company under the Classic Health brand. Vet Set was then established in 2011 as a division of Classic Health to serve the veterinarian community.