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Vet Set, established in 2011 as a division of Classic Health, is a distributor of medical and surgical products for veterinarians whose clinical practices range from small to large animals. Classic Health is a family owned medical supply distribution business established in 1991. It distributes surgical and medical supplies across Canada. Our excellent relationships with manufacturers and our established family values philosophy allows Vet Set to support veterinarians in improving the lives of the animals they treat and the families they interact with.
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High Quality Products

We only bring in products and equipment that could be used on our own pets should they require veterinary care.

Often these are products that have not been available to veterinarians before, but their quality is equal to or greater than any product in your clinic today.

You can operate more confidently knowing our products are a better, more cost-effective way to meet your clinic’s everyday supply needs.

Great Access to Supplies

We have access to over 400 manufacture partners and 20,000 sku. That means better supplies for your clinic, improved patient care, and higher profits.

We are very confident that we can fill your surgical supply chain needs.

Can’t find the products you need on our website? Contact your territory rep today to search for the products you need to help you move forward.

Excellent Service

We make the ordering process fast and simple so you can get the products you need when you need them.

Our professional staff will provide you with friendly and efficient service.

We honour our manufacturer’s warranties.