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Classic Absorbent Products

Some wounds drain copious amounts of fluid and require frequent dressing changes to aid in preventing skin breakdown. Frequent dressing changes are time-consuming using costly dressings and slow down the rate of healing. With the recent downturn in the economy, healthcare budgets have been tightened with hospitals and health regions being forced to find ways to reduce their costs.

The Classic Secondary Absorbent Pads are cost-effective in that they are highly absorbent and can help reduce dressing changes and nursing time. They can also be used in conjunction with other manufacturers' products that protect the wound bed.

All our products can be doubled over for more absorption, they can also be cut to fit with the addition of cloth or paper tape added to the side that has been cut. 

The Classic Secondary Absorbent Pads have been used for: 

  • Abdominal Wounds
  • Chest Wounds
  • Weeping Legs/ Leg Ulcers
  • Under Compression Wraps.
  • Post-Surgical Wounds (cesarean, hip replacements, etc.)

Who uses them? 

  • Homecare - (non-sterile)
  • Long-Term Care – (non-Sterile)
  • Medicine - (non-sterile and sterile)
  • Wound Clinics - (non-sterile and sterile)
  • Post Surgical Units- (sterile)
  • Operating Rooms - (sterile)
  • Burn Units - (non-sterile and sterile)
  • Cancer Units - (non-sterile and sterile)

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