Why Choose Vet Set?

Vet Set is a leader in quality custom packaging. We provide ways to save costs for Veterinarians interested in hospital efficiency, using all major manufacturer's products. We help you reduce time, waste, and cost while providing animals with the quality care they deserve!

Your pack, Your Way!

  • Accelerated quotes
  • Accelerated samples
  • Online ordering
  • Stockless Inventory Program
  • Customer Procedure Trays
  • Diagnostic Procedure Trays
  • OR Turnover kits
  • Contract Packaging & Sterilization

Popular Packs Include:

In Development:

  • ACL Pack
  • Spay/Neuter Pack
  • Abdominal Explorer Pack
  • Combo Pack
  • General Pack
  • Opthalmic Pack

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$77.00 $87.00

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