General Surgical Kits from Vet Set: A Convenient Solution for Smaller Veterinary Hospitals

For smaller veterinary hospitals, ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients while managing costs can be a challenge. One way to achieve both of these goals is by utilizing a general surgical kit from Vet Set. Here are some of the benefits of using a general surgical kit from Vet Set for smaller veterinary hospitals:

Convenient Kit Contents

Vet Set's general surgical kit contains all the necessary disposables required for a successful general surgery procedure. The kit is designed to be a convenient solution for smaller veterinary hospitals, providing all the necessary items in one easy-to-use package.

Improved Efficiency

By using a general surgical kit from Vet Set, smaller veterinary hospitals can significantly improve efficiency in the operating room. The convenient contents of the kit help to streamline the setup and preparation process, reducing the time required for preparation and setup, and allowing surgical teams to focus on the procedure at hand.

Improved Patient Outcomes

The use of a general surgical kit from Vet Set can help to improve patient outcomes. The comprehensive contents of the kit, including high-quality disposables, help to ensure that the surgical procedure is performed with precision and accuracy, minimizing the risk of complications and improving patient outcomes. Additionally, the use of disposable items reduces the risk of infection and cross-contamination, further enhancing patient safety and reducing the need for post-operative treatment.


Using a general surgical kit from Vet Set can also be a cost-effective solution for smaller veterinary hospitals. The kit's comprehensive contents and disposable items eliminate the need to source individual items from different suppliers or invest in expensive reusable items that take up time reprocessing. This helps to reduce costs associated with purchasing, cleaning, and sterilizing surgical products, and reduces the need for additional staff or resources to manage these tasks.

Tailored to Specific Procedures

Vet Set's general surgical kits are tailored to specific procedures, ensuring that every item required for that particular procedure is included in the kit. This helps to ensure that surgical teams have all the necessary disposables at their fingertips, reducing the risk of delays or complications during the procedure.


In conclusion, utilizing a general surgical kit from Vet Set can provide a range of benefits to smaller veterinary hospitals, including improved outcomes, increased efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. By ensuring that all the necessary disposables are included in one convenient kit, smaller veterinary hospitals can streamline the setup and preparation process, focus on the procedure at hand, and improve patient outcomes. If you're looking for a convenient and cost-effective solution for general surgery procedures, consider utilizing a general surgical kit from Vet Set for your next procedure.


    • 1 Bowl 32oz (1000cc)
    • 5 Sponge Lap 18 x 18 W/L
    • 30 Sponges 4 x 4 x 12 Xray NS
    • 1 Syringe 50cc Asepto
    • 1 Tray 9 x 11 x 12
    • 1 Suction Tubing Conn ¼” (6mm) x 10'
    • 1 Wrap CSR 54 x 54 Custom Kimguard
    • 4 Drape Sheet 39 x 39 Square Fold
    • 1 Drape Sheet 43 x 60 w/Fen Tri-Laminate

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